Mother found brutally murdered, stabbed over 100 times

Thomas Mosley, 21, has been charged with killing his toddler son and the child’s mother. According to the redacted affidavits in the case, Mosley is said to have stabbed the woman more than 100 times. On the night of the crime, Mosley went to his mother’s home with “severe lacerations to both of his hands and arms”, which police believe were caused by a knife attack.

Prior to the incident, family members of the mother, Pashun Jeffery, 20, had gone to her apartment for Thomas Mosley’s birthday party. They left at approximately 5:15 p.m., leaving Mosley, Jeffery and Taylen in the apartment.

The following day, family members of Jeffery noticed blood leading from her apartment, and called the complex’s management. When they entered, Jeffery was found dead. However, Taylen, who had gone missing, was not there. Police found a bloody fingerprint on a cleaning bottle which had been intentionally placed under a bed in the crime scene, and a bloody shoe print with a “Gucci” emblem on the bathroom floor. The search for Taylen ended tragically Friday evening in Lake Maggiore, where the alligator containing his body was found. The alligator was killed in order to retrieve the body.

Jeffery’s mother and great aunt released a statement, expressing their sadness and setting up a GoFundMe campaign to support the family during this time. The campaign has already exceeded its $30,000 goal as of Monday morning.

Mosley is being held at the Pinellas County Jail, with no bond listed for him and a bond hearing set for April 11. He faces two counts of first-degree murder.