Maxine Waters and Other Democrats Get Blamed for Will Smith Slap

America is living through a time of apparent contradictions. On Sunday, March 27, the world tuned in to watch the Academy Awards ceremony. The Oscars are supposed to be a celebration of outstanding achievements in film. Instead, this year’s awards show turned into a charade full of hypocrisy. For years, figures on the Left promoted violence against conservatives and were never called out for their statements. On Monday, Fox News’ lunch hour show Outnumbered discussed a series of condemnations by the Left that the conservative co-hosts saw as hypocrisy.

After Oscars host Chris Rock made a joke toward Jada Pinkett Smith that many deemed offensive, her husband, Will Smith, walked onstage and openly smacked Rock across his face. After taking his seat, he angrily instructed Rock never to talk about his wife again. The fallout interpreted an apolitical but insensitive joke as a political statement.

Fox News Hosts Rail on Left

On Monday, March 28, Outnumbered co-hosts railed against what they saw as left-wing hypocrisy regarding the Left and violence. On Sunday evening, far-left Squad member Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) tweeted praise for Will Smith for standing up for his wife. Soon after, Pressley deleted the tweet. Additionally, Squad member Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) posted a tweet in support as well but also deleted it.

Regardless, to co-host Emily Compagno, the deleted tweets were equivalent to celebrating a violent act. She criticized the political Left for advocating for violence without any pushback and questioned why they never get called out for it.

Host Harris Faulkner reminded viewers of the famous 2018 statement by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). The California Congresswoman called on left-wing activists to find Trump administration officials in public and harass them. She said they should gather a crowd to tell them they aren’t welcome anywhere. Then, Waters stunningly called for activists to connect the officials’ children to their parents.

McEnany Says Republicans Have to Take It From Democrats

Outnumbered Co-Host and former Trump White Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany recalled what her predecessor endured at the 2018 White House Correspondents Dinner. Comedian Michelle Wolf maliciously attacked McEnany’s predecessor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, for the way she looked. Instead of responding, McEnany said, Sanders sat graciously with poise and kindness.

McEnany added that if the victim of seemingly tasteless jokes is a Republican woman, they have to endure it. Yet, if you’re a celebrity and you get defensive and attack someone, then people will come to your defense.

What do you think? Does the Fox hosts have a point?