Maniac Kills 8-Year-Old Brother, Stabs Parents

A tragic incident unfolded in a Queens apartment on Thursday when a 20-year-old man fatally stabbed his 8-year-old brother and injured his parents before being shot dead by the police. The incident occurred in a small unit at 147-25 94th Ave. in Jamaica, where the police were summoned around 5:30 p.m. following a distress call from the mother who managed to escape the apartment, bleeding and begging for help.

Upon entering the apartment, the police discovered a horrifying scene. The young man was holding his father in a headlock over the kitchen sink, threatening him with a knife. Despite repeated commands in both English and Spanish to drop the weapon, the man refused to comply. In response, an officer fired a single shot, hitting the assailant and potentially saving the father’s life.

The family of four was immediately rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the young boy and his older brother, the assailant, succumbed to their injuries. The parents, a 29-year-old mother and a 43-year-old father, are currently receiving treatment for their wounds.

In the midst of the chaos, an 8-month-old infant was found in the apartment, miraculously unharmed. The police are still trying to piece together the details of the incident, including the relationship between the suspect and his young victim, whether they were brothers or stepbrothers, and the sequence of events leading up to the tragic incident.

The investigation into this horrific event is ongoing. The police are working tirelessly to understand the circumstances that led to this devastating act of violence within a family. The community is left in shock, mourning the loss of a young life and grappling with the aftermath of the incident.