Man Steals Severed Leg From Person Struck by Train

Wasco, California – A man was taken into custody on Friday after he was found with a severed leg that belonged to an individual tragically struck by a train. The incident, which occurred at the local Amtrak station in Wasco, has sparked both shock and concern among the community.

A video capturing the disturbing scene has gone viral, showing the man inspecting the severed limb, even going so far as to sniff it. Despite the presence of police and onlookers documenting the incident, the man seemed unfazed, even waving at the cameras.

The suspect has been identified as Resendo Tellez, 27, who was apprehended for having multiple outstanding warrants and tampering with evidence at the accident scene, as per the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. Regrettably, the victim’s identity remains unknown, and their life was tragically lost in the accident with their leg forcibly severed.

Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this shocking incident. They are diligently working to gather as much information as possible to understand the events leading up to the accident and the suspect’s bizarre actions thereafter.

As the investigation progresses, further details are expected to provide insight into the motivations behind this disturbing act. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story as law enforcement authorities work towards unveiling the truth and bringing closure to the victim’s family and community.