Man Shoots Family Members for Practicing ‘Witchcraft’ on Him

Houston, Texas – A man has been charged with three felony counts of aggravated assault after allegedly shooting at his family members, whom he believed were casting a curse on him.

Wilman Sandoval, 23, is accused of opening fire on Sunday afternoon. The victims, identified as Heidi Vázquez and her brother Christian Vázquez, are currently in stable condition.

According to initial court records, Sandoval stood up from the couch and started shooting at his family members inside their Houston apartment, wielding a black handgun. The county sheriff’s office has charged him with three counts of aggravated assault. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez revealed that Sandoval held the belief that his family was practicing witchcraft against him.

The incident took place around 4 p.m. on Sunday, prompting a swift response from deputies who were alerted through a 911 call. Law enforcement officials have recovered the pistol used in the shooting and are seeking additional witnesses to assist with the investigation.

Sandoval allegedly shot Heidi Vázquez multiple times before targeting her brother, Christian Vázquez. While Wimer Sandoval, the accused shooter’s brother, was also threatened, he was not shot. Both Heidi and Christian Vázquez are in stable condition.

During Sandoval’s probable cause hearing on Monday, a judge set his bond at $250,000. Despite Sandoval’s belief in witchcraft, prosecutors and law enforcement have been unable to establish a specific motive for the shooting. Sandoval is scheduled to appear in court on January 19, with the public defender’s office representing him.

Authorities continue their investigation, piecing together all available facts to determine the circumstances leading up to the shooting.