Man Kills Brother with “Pirate Sword”

A Houston resident, Cory Madison Kellett, 29, is facing serious charges following an alleged fatal stabbing of his younger brother during a disagreement last week, as reported by local authorities. The 208th State District Court has charged Kellett with murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The identity of the 23-year-old victim, Kellett’s younger brother, has yet to be released.

Houston Police Department (HPD) officers were dispatched to a reported stabbing at a home on Garden Parks Drive around 4:10 p.m. last Thursday. Upon their arrival, they discovered that the victim had already been rushed to HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake, where he was later declared dead.

Preliminary investigations, supported by witness testimonies, indicate that the conflict started as a verbal disagreement in the driveway of the home. It is believed that Kellett pulled out a knife and stabbed his brother during the heated exchange. Following the incident, witnesses reported seeing Kellett fleeing the scene in a white, four-door Alfa Romeo sedan with temporary license plates.

Kellett remains at large, with his current whereabouts unknown. The HPD is actively pursuing him, suspecting that he used a foot-long curved blade, commonly known as a “pirate sword,” to inflict the fatal wound on his brother.

The victim, later identified as Robert Payne Stewart, was found with a severe stab wound. Witnesses at the scene quickly pointed to Kellett as the alleged assailant. According to the arrest affidavit, Stewart’s roommate was alerted to the situation by a frantic Stewart, who informed him that his brother was outside. The roommate then saw Kellett conversing with a neighbor.

The affidavit also reveals that Kellett brandished a large knife and advanced towards the roommate, who retreated into the house out of fear. A neighbor reported hearing a physical altercation, followed by Stewart’s refusal to let Kellett into his home. The situation escalated when Stewart attempted to stop his brother from entering the house, resulting in Kellett slashing his neck.

Further inquiries revealed that Kellett had previously been evicted from the house, leaving him without a place to live. A neighbor also shared that Stewart had mentioned a previous stabbing incident involving Kellett, which had led to his eviction.

The day after the incident, Kellett’s ex-girlfriend posted a Facebook update dated August 7, featuring images of Kellett’s car and knife, captioned “New bday swords.” Based on the evidence, detectives have issued an arrest warrant for Kellett.