Man Charged for Alleged Murder of Five Infants

A California man, Paul Allen Perez, is facing charges for the alleged murder of his five infant children, according to the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office. The charges were filed following a lengthy investigation that began when a fisherman discovered the remains of a baby in a Yolo County waterway in 2007.

Yolo County Sheriff Tom Lopez described the case as revealing “unspeakable evil,” adding that in his four decades in law enforcement, he had never encountered a case as disturbing. The investigation into the case took a significant turn in 2019 when the infant found in 2007 was identified through DNA comparison as Nikko Lee Perez, a child of Paul Allen Perez.

Perez was apprehended on suspicion of the murders just as he was about to be released from Delano state prison for an unrelated case. The investigation revealed that the infants, all born between 1992 and 2001, were less than six months old at the time of their alleged murders.

The infants were born in Fresno, and one of the siblings, Kato Allen Perez, born in 1992, is also confirmed to be deceased. The FBI is currently searching for the remains of the other three infants. The authorities have stated that the infants were killed through torture and “lying in wait.”

In 2020, Perez was charged with five counts of felony murder and several criminal enhancements. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Matt Wirick, the Public Information Officer for the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, expressed the deep distress the law enforcement community feels when dealing with cases involving children.

Sheriff Lopez confirmed that the investigation is ongoing. Perez is expected to appear in court in January.