Man Arrested for Double Homicide over Barking Dog

The month-long search for Lenue Moore, a 31-year-old man, ended on Thursday with his arrest in Brooklyn. Moore is facing charges for the fatal shooting of his neighbor, her friend, and her dog in Washington Heights, Manhattan. The incident, which took place on September 29, has sparked widespread public outrage and ignited discussions about community safety and conflict resolution.

The victims, Jackie Billini, 57, Levaughn Harvin, 42, and Billini’s dog, Zeus, were allegedly targeted by Moore due to an ongoing disagreement about the dog’s barking and behavior. This dispute had previously escalated to an alleged burglary and assault, resulting in a broken arm for Billini. Despite these alarming incidents, Moore, who is believed to be originally from the Carolinas and was living in his mother’s apartment in the same building as Billini, was released on bail after the initial assault.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny, during a press conference, shed light on the escalating conflict between Moore and Billini, which tragically ended in the September event. Moore, dressed in black and wearing a mask, is believed to have approached Billini and Harvin from behind near Highbridge Park and shot them multiple times. Billini sustained fatal injuries to her head and neck, while Harvin was shot in the face and shoulder. Following this, Moore is reported to have turned the gun on Zeus, killing the dog as well.

In the wake of her assault and the subsequent release of the suspect, Billini, who was employed as an analyst for the state court system in the Bronx, reportedly lived in fear. According to neighbors and police statements, she often asked Harvin to accompany her while walking her dog due to her fear of Moore.

This case has brought to light serious concerns about bail decisions and the enforcement of protection orders, particularly in cases involving repeated violent behavior. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office, which had requested a higher bail for Moore after his initial arrest, is now grappling with questions about judicial discretion in potentially dangerous situations.

As the investigation progresses, the community is mourning the loss of Billini and Harvin. Neighbors remember Billini as a beloved and kind-hearted individual. While Moore’s arrest brings some closure, it has left a profound impact on the residents of Washington Heights, challenging their perceptions of safety and neighborly relations.