Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Son with Power Tool

A Florida man has been apprehended by local law enforcement after allegedly killing his son with a power tool and leaving the body to be discovered by the boy’s grandfather. The Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, shared the chilling details during a press conference.

The grandfather, who had just returned home from a hospital visit to his wife, found his son, 37-year-old Stephen Thomas Rodda, sitting outside the house. Rodda allegedly warned his father not to enter the house, confessing to a murder and suggesting that the police should be called.

Upon entering his home, the grandfather discovered the lifeless body of his 16-year-old grandson, Stephen Rodda, in the dining room. According to investigators, the teenager had been killed by his father using an angle grinder.

Sheriff Judd expressed his sorrow over the tragic incident, stating, “It breaks our heart. There aren’t adequate words to explain how horrific this event is.” He also revealed that Rodda had fled the scene but was apprehended approximately a mile away.

The Rodda family disclosed that Stephen Thomas Rodda had a lengthy criminal record and was known to use methamphetamine. The motivation behind the alleged murder is still under investigation by the authorities.

The victim, a high school junior, had recently moved in with his grandfather to assist him while his wife was in rehab. He was studying to become an electrician and was excited about a job opportunity at Burger King, hoping to save enough money to buy a car.

Sheriff Judd concluded the press conference with a somber note, saying, “The world lost a great young man today. And we have an evil, evil man in custody.”