Man Accidentally Shoots and Kills Drunk Friend, Faces Charges

A 22-year-old Florida man, Abraham Bordas, has been apprehended following an incident where he unintentionally shot and killed his friend, Chase Koepke, 26, while under the influence of alcohol. Bordas is facing a charge of negligent homicide for the incident that occurred on December 30, as per the records from Marion County.

The unfortunate event is believed to have been a complete accident. Both Bordas and Koepke were reportedly expressing their friendship in their last moments together. The incident took place at Koepke’s residence on Southwest 146th Avenue Road, located a few miles outside Dunnellon, a small town in the Ocala metropolitan area.

According to the arrest report, Bordas and Koepke were consuming alcohol together at the time of the incident. Bordas reportedly found Koepke’s firearm and picked it up to admire it, unknowingly pointing it at Koepke. The firearm discharged, hitting Koepke in the stomach or abdomen. Bordas immediately dialed 911, and Koepke was rushed to the hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Bordas claimed he was unaware that the firearm was loaded or that the safety was off. He also stated that he didn’t realize he had fired the weapon until his friend reacted to being shot. Bordas’ state of intoxication was noted by a detective during the initial interview, with the report mentioning his glossy, bloodshot eyes and the strong smell of alcohol on his breath.

Bordas and Koepke had been friends for two years and had been drinking Twisted Iced Teas on the day of the incident. Bordas admitted to consuming four of these tea-based malt liquors before the fatal accident occurred. A woman, who was also present at the scene, stated that the two men were laughing and listening to music on the couch when the incident happened.

Bordas, who claimed to have never handled a firearm before, was arrested on Saturday and released on Sunday after posting a $30,000 bond, according to Marion County court records. The firearm involved in the incident was identified as a 9 mm Canik TP9 SF Elite, found on a counter in the house along with a single spent shell casing and a loaded magazine.