Homeless Teen Arrested in Connection with Fatal Stabbing in NYC Park

A 15-year-old homeless youth was apprehended by New York law enforcement in connection with a fatal stabbing incident and an assault on another individual. The incident occurred in Manhattan’s Sara D. Roosevelt Park, at the intersection of Broome and Delancey Streets, as reported by the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information. The call to the police was made on Tuesday around 8:32 p.m.

Upon arrival, the police discovered two victims, Pasquale Alonso, 25, and another 24-year-old male, both suffering from chest stab wounds. The victims were immediately transported to NYC Health and Hospitals in Bellevue for medical attention. Unfortunately, Alonso succumbed to his injuries and was declared dead at the hospital. The second victim, however, is currently in stable condition.

The teenage suspect was taken into custody on Saturday, facing charges of murder, attempted murder, attempted assault, and assault. Due to the suspect’s age, his identity has been withheld from the public.

According to the New York Daily News, it is believed that both the victims and the suspect are part of the city’s homeless population. Sara D. Roosevelt Park, where the incident took place, is notorious for being a hub for homeless encampments, drug transactions, and substance abuse.

A local who sleeps in the park told WABC-TV that the area is rife with alcohol consumption and frequent altercations. In February 2022, residents living near the park expressed their concerns to Spectrum News N1 about the escalating drug use and violence in the area since the onset of the pandemic. They admitted to feeling unsafe, especially during the night.

Sarry Lau, a local resident, shared his fears about the park, stating that the intimidating behavior of some individuals made him feel threatened. Despite the increasing number of drug paraphernalia found in the park, residents feel that the city has not taken adequate measures to address the situation. Mary Cheng, a long-time resident, noted that the park tends to empty out quickly at dusk due to safety concerns.

However, some sympathize with the homeless individuals residing in the park. A representative from the Coalition for the Homeless stated that many people resort to sleeping on the streets as they believe they have no other choice. Meanwhile, the second victim of the stabbing incident is expected to make a full recovery.