Hollywood Music Producer Gunned Down; Homeless Woman Charged

A Hollywood music producer, known for his collaborations with renowned rappers Travis Scott and Lil Cobaine, was tragically shot and killed while sitting in his car, according to police reports. The suspect, Kayla Delise Mackie, a 27-year-old woman experiencing homelessness, was charged with murder on Tuesday, five days after the producer, William James Edwards III, was discovered in critical condition on a Santa Monica street.

Edwards, 46, was rushed to a nearby hospital but succumbed to his injuries shortly after. Mackie, who was also wanted for armed robbery, was apprehended the following day in West Los Angeles. The motive behind the alleged shooting remains unclear.

The shocking incident has left the community in disbelief. Santa Monica Mayor Phil Brock expressed his condolences in a statement, acknowledging the profound impact of the tragedy on Edwards’ loved ones and the community at large.

Edwards had a successful career in the music industry, working closely with popular rappers like Travis Scott and Lil Cobaine. He also ventured into film, producing a 2018 movie titled “Haunting on Fraternity Row” and two short films.

Lil Cobaine, whose real name is Cayman Harrison Cline, paid tribute to Edwards on Instagram, sharing a series of photos that encapsulated their nine-year friendship. He described Edwards as family and reminisced about the memories, laughter, and stories they shared.

Edwards is survived by his wife and two young sons. A GoFundMe page set up in his memory described him as a talented individual who excelled in all his endeavors.

Witness descriptions played a crucial role in locating Mackie, who was also sought by Los Angeles police for armed robbery and attempted homicide. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has yet to provide details on Mackie’s previous alleged crimes. In addition to Edwards’ murder, she was charged with armed robbery and attempted homicide.

Mackie is currently being held on a $2 million bond at the Century Regional Detention Facility. This incident follows closely on the heels of another case where a homeless woman was charged with the murder of social justice advocate Michael Latt.