Hollywood Makeup Artist Stabbed 20 Times

Allie Shehorn, a 35-year-old Hollywood makeup artist known for her work on films such as “Rebel Moon,” the reboot of “Mean Girls,” and “Babylon,” is currently recovering in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after a brutal attack. Shehorn was reportedly stabbed 20 times by her former boyfriend at her Los Angeles residence on May 23.

According to friends who set up a GoFundMe page to help with her medical expenses, Shehorn’s ex-boyfriend broke into her home and attacked her before fleeing the scene. Prior to the incident, Shehorn had secured a restraining order against the man.

Christine White, a close friend who has been a maternal figure to Shehorn, was present during the horrifying incident. She discovered Shehorn in the aftermath of the attack. “The scene in the bedroom where it happened was horrific,” White shared with local news outlet KTLA.

Shehorn sustained severe injuries, including slashes to her neck, arms, and abdomen. Jed Dornoff, one of the organizers of the GoFundMe campaign, credited White with saving Shehorn’s life. “She acted quickly and bravely when she found Allie in such a critical condition,” Dornoff stated.

The assailant was later apprehended in Texas as he attempted to cross the border into Mexico. Shehorn’s professional portfolio, as listed on her Internet Movie Database page, includes makeup work on over 70 released films and more than 20 upcoming projects.

Despite undergoing at least three surgeries and remaining in the ICU, Shehorn’s condition is gradually improving. She has begun eating independently and is able to communicate, according to her friends.

Emily MacDonald, another organizer of the GoFundMe campaign, described Shehorn as a person filled with “warmth, kindness, and love.” The campaign has so far raised approximately $75,000. “No one deserves to go through such a traumatic experience, especially someone as compassionate and caring as Allie,” MacDonald wrote.

Dornoff revealed that Shehorn met her attacker on the set of “Rebel Moon,” directed by Zach Snyder. He expressed shock at the man’s violent actions, stating, “This person was a part of many people’s lives and seemed stable. It’s surprising that he turned violent.”