Heroic 10-year-old boy survives murder-suicide attempt

A young boy of 10 years old in Sheffield, Alabama, has miraculously survived a horrifying murder-suicide attempt, during which he tried to protect his mother. Local law enforcement found the bodies of the assailant, Adam Christopher Narmore, 40, and the victim, Ashley Lynn McClung, 38, in an apartment. The discovery was made possible after the courageous child managed to get help from a nearby apartment, as reported by local media.

The incident took place on Sunday evening around 9 pm. The young boy, who showed immense bravery, was severely injured in his face and arm after being shot by Narmore. He has since undergone surgery for his injuries. To support the child and help cover the costs of his mother’s funeral and burial, as well as his own medical expenses, a crowdfunding campaign has been initiated on GoFundMe.

The campaign organizers have described McClung as a loving mother and a sincere friend. According to law enforcement, McClung and Narmore were in a relationship, which, as per court records, had been fraught with difficulties. Narmore was due to face trial for these charges in December and had entered a plea of not guilty.

Law enforcement officers have reported that during a heated argument, Narmore fatally shot McClung with a .410 shotgun. Despite being shot in the face and arm, the brave child managed to seek help from a neighbor across the hall. In a tragic turn of events, Narmore then took his own life.

The young boy, a student at New Bethel Elementary School, is currently receiving medical treatment. His condition has not been disclosed. The school’s principal, Nathan Fuller, has praised the boy’s bravery and character, describing him as an exceptional individual.