Gunman fire over 20 rounds into car, killing 4-year-old

Tragedy struck on Tuesday evening in Nashville, Tennessee, when two unidentified men got out of their car and fired more than 20 bullets into the Chevrolet Malibu that four-year-old Taliyah Frazier and her two-year-old twin brothers were in. Taliyah was struck in the head and died the next day, while her brother suffered a non-critical graze wound to his head. The driver of the car, the father of the twins, was wounded in the arm.

Terry Dickson, Taliyah’s great-grandfather, told Nashville’s WKRN that he is devastated. Taliyah had been living with them and they considered her a daughter. Dickson said she was cheerful and loved everyone. Police said it was a non-random, targeted shooting, although the motive is still unclear.

A witness to the shooting said they were in the back of a Lyft when the shots rang out and shrapnel hit their car. They were afraid to look and the Lyft driver sped away to get away from the gunfire.

Dickson directly addressed the gunmen in an interview with a news station, saying, “I forgive you. I cannot have hurtful feelings toward you. It’s up to you now to forgive yourself.”