Grandmother Murdered by Daughter and Granddaughter in Gruesome Attack

A shocking incident unfolded late Thursday in Sioux City, where a grandmother was brutally assaulted and subsequently killed, allegedly by her own daughter and granddaughter. The violent episode, involving a butcher knife, a hammer, and a glass candlestick, took place in the victim’s apartment following a domestic dispute.

Local law enforcement in Sioux City reported that a heated argument between Suzette Occhibone and her daughter, Jessica Bino, 32, took a violent turn when Angela Bino, 59, joined the fray. Court records indicate that the elderly woman was initially beaten with fists before being struck multiple times with a hammer and a glass candlestick on her face and arms.

The situation escalated further when Jessica Bino reportedly grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen and used it to stab Occhibone multiple times in the head, chest, and face. This brutal attack resulted in the tragic death of the victim. Witnesses reported seeing the mother and daughter duo attempting to hide their crime by moving the body to a vehicle after the incident.

Sioux City police responded to the scene in a parking lot, where Occhibone was pronounced dead. Jessica and Angela Bino were subsequently arrested inside the apartment. Both are now facing first-degree murder charges and are being held in jail on a $500,000 bond each.

The gruesome nature of the crime, especially the involvement of close family members, has sent shockwaves through the Sioux City community. The police are continuing their investigation into the events leading up to the assault, while the details of the argument that sparked the tragic incident remain unclear.

This case highlights the often hidden and complex nature of domestic violence, which frequently involves those closest to the victims. It serves as a stark reminder of the need for increased awareness and intervention in situations of domestic disputes to prevent such tragic outcomes.