Giraffe Grabs Toddler at Safari Drive-Thru

A Texas family had a rather unexpected encounter during their recent visit to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Jason Toten, 24, and his fiancé Sierra Robert, 23, were enjoying a drive-thru safari with their children when a giraffe approached their vehicle. The couple their two-year-old daughter, Paisley, to feed the giraffe, but the situation took an unexpected turn when the giraffe accidentally lifted Paisley into the air by her shirt.

Sierra reacted swiftly, and the giraffe released Paisley after she firmly said ‘hey’. Despite the startling incident, Paisley was unharmed and appeared to be unfazed. The family’s unusual encounter was captured on video by the occupants of the car behind them.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Jason stated that the family thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Fossil Rim. They even bought a giraffe toy and a t-shirt for Paisley from the gift shop. Giraffes are generally not aggressive creatures, but females can be protective of their young.

In response to the incident, the wildlife center has introduced a new policy that prohibits guests from riding in the bed of pick-up trucks. Sierra, Paisley’s mother, addressed the criticism she received online for allowing Paisley to ride in the back of the truck. She defended her decision, explaining that accidents can happen anywhere and she doesn’t want to overly shelter her child from the world.

The family remains undeterred by the incident and has plans to return to the wildlife center. They believe that visitors should always exercise caution and follow instructions provided by staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.