Former NFL running back brutal attack of ex-girlfriend caught on video that went viral

Zac Stacy, age 31 and a former NFL running back, was sentenced to six months in prison following his guilty plea to two counts of misdemeanor criminal mischief for two attacks against his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Evans. The attacks occurred in 2021 and were caught on video, quickly going viral. In the footage, Stacy was seen throwing Evans around her home in front of their 5-month-old son.

In November 2021, authorities issued a warrant for Stacy’s arrest on charges of aggravated domestic violence battery and criminal mischief. He was taken into custody shortly after arriving at Orlando International Airport one week later. In exchange for his guilty plea, the battery charges were dropped.

Evans released the video of Stacy’s attack, feeling it was the only way to stop the abuse. She stated that she was worried that if it continued, he would have killed her.

Evans expressed on Tuesday that Stacy has made great strides in improving his behavior and has been getting cognitive behavioral therapy, showing consistent improvement over the past six months. She stated that jail does not offer the resources and rehabilitation needed for mental health patients, so she is advocating for his continued mental health treatment for the sake of their son. Stacy’s start to his sentence is currently unknown.