Father Dies After Accidentally Stabbing Himself

A tragic incident unfolded in Saugus, Massachusetts, when a father of two accidentally stabbed himself with a knife he wore around his neck on a lanyard. The incident occurred in the parking lot of a local restaurant, initially leading authorities to suspect foul play.

The victim, identified as 42-year-old Patrick Kenney Jr., was discovered collapsed in the parking lot of the Kowloon restaurant, a popular dining spot located approximately 11 miles north of Boston. Initial investigations led police to believe that Kenney had been assaulted.

However, further investigation revealed that the father of young twins had inadvertently stabbed himself with the knife he wore around his neck. The incident was described as a “horrible tragedy” by both the authorities and Kenney’s family.

In a joint statement, District Attorney Paul Tucker and Saugus Police Chief Michael Ricciardelli confirmed that the incident appeared to be accidental and no other parties were believed to be involved. Kenney was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, where he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival.

Kenney had traveled by bus to the Kowloon restaurant to attend a family birthday party. The restaurant was a familiar spot for Kenney and his family, who were regular patrons, according to the restaurant’s owners, the Wong family.

In the wake of the tragedy, Kenney’s family released a statement expressing their grief. “Our family is mourning the loss of Patrick, focused on his wife Lauren and two young children, and trying to make sense of this horrific tragedy,” the statement read. They remembered Kenney as a loving father, husband, brother, son, and a loyal friend to many.

The Wong family also expressed their condolences, urging the public not to jump to conclusions until the investigation was completed. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s family. Nothing else matters at this time,” they said in a statement.