Father Arrested After He ‘Shot the Hell’ Out of Son

A man from Johnson County, Kentucky, aged 61, has been taken into custody following an incident where he allegedly shot his son for not obeying his command to keep quiet. The man, identified as Timothy L. Rivers, is facing multiple charges including attempted murder and wanton endangerment. He is also accused of growing marijuana plants. In addition, Rivers has been charged with contempt of court and failure to pay court fees or fines, although these charges are not connected to the shooting incident.

The arrest was made after the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call reporting a shooting at a residence. Upon arrival, deputies found the back door of the house open and Rivers sitting in an armchair with a Winchester .20-20 lever-action rifle positioned in front of him. It was reported that Rivers was smoking marijuana from a pipe at the time of their arrival.

Law enforcement officers instructed Rivers to keep his hands visible and empty. Further investigation of the premises led to the discovery of additional marijuana plants in another room of the house.

During a recorded interview with investigators, Rivers allegedly confessed that he was in the house with his son when the latter burst into the backroom and started yelling loudly. Rivers stated that he warned his son to quiet down or face the consequences, which included him shooting his son. When his son continued to yell, Rivers claimed that he shot him.

The identity of the victim has not been revealed by the authorities. However, it was reported that he was transported to a hospital before law enforcement officers arrived at the scene.

Rivers is currently detained at the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center. He is being held on a $100,000 cash bond and appeared for a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office has not released any additional information regarding the previous charges against Rivers.