Fatal Fall at U.S.-Mexico Border Fence Highlights Rising Dangers

A tragic incident occurred at the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego when a woman lost her life after falling from the border fence. The incident took place near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry on Friday afternoon, according to San Diego Police. The woman was attempting to scale a 30-foot fence when she fell and succumbed to her injuries.

The San Diego-Tijuana border has seen a significant increase in fatal falls over the past three years, with a 162% surge. The Mexican Consulate in San Diego attributes this rise, in part, to the 30-foot border fence erected during the Trump administration.

Pedro Rios, an immigration volunteer organizer, expressed his concern over the growing number of injuries and fatalities resulting from attempts to cross the border. He highlighted the severe and often life-altering injuries individuals sustain from falls, as was the case with the woman who recently lost her life.

The Mexican Consulate in San Diego reiterated the correlation between the increase in fatal falls and the construction of the 30-foot fence. The consulate’s statement aligns with the concerns raised by Rios and other immigration advocates.

However, Patricia McGurk-Daniel, San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent, emphasized the necessity of a higher border fence last year. She argued that the fence not only deters migrants but also provides U.S. border agents with a clearer view of the other side, allowing them to prepare for potential threats.

This incident comes at a time when a large group of migrants has gathered at the San Diego border, marking the largest assembly since the expiration of Title 42. The policy, which was implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowed U.S. officials to expel migrants at the border to prevent the spread of the virus.