Famous SeaWorld Mime Fired After 36 Years Following Dispute

Lynn Frey, a mime artist who has been a fixture at SeaWorld Orlando for over three decades, has been dismissed from his position following a dispute with a security guard. Frey, also known as “Lynn the Mime,” has gained a significant online following over the years, with his performances at the aquatic park and animal exhibits going viral.

Frey’s dismissal came after a security guard reported him to human resources. The mime artist, who has been a part of the SeaWorld family for 36 years, was not given an opportunity to present his side of the story to his superiors. He shared the news of his dismissal on TikTok, a platform where he has amassed over 82,700 followers. His video explaining the situation has been viewed more than 2.8 million times.

According to Frey, the incident that led to his dismissal involved his daily routine of riding his bicycle into the park. He stated that he had been doing this for years without any issues. However, on the day in question, a security guard with sergeant bars on his uniform stopped him and informed him that he was not allowed to ride his bike on the park’s property.

Frey questioned the guard’s directive, stating that there was no rule in the SeaWorld handbook prohibiting him from riding his bike on the path. The guard then instructed Frey to park his bike at a bike rack, which would mean he could no longer ride his bike inside the park. Frey expressed his confusion, stating that he had always parked his bike in his dressing room.

The situation escalated when the security guard reported to human resources that Frey had used foul language, thrown his bike, and threatened to get him fired. Frey denied these allegations and stated that he was never given a chance to tell his side of the story. His contract was terminated, and he was informed that he was no longer allowed on SeaWorld property.

Frey expressed his disappointment with the way SeaWorld handled the situation, stating that his 36-year tenure with the company seemed to mean nothing to them. He had requested to perform one last show for his friends and family, but his request was denied.

In the wake of Frey’s dismissal, his daughter has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help him start his own road show company. Many of his fans have expressed their outrage over his dismissal, with some suggesting that parkgoers should chant “Lynn the Mime” before every show in protest.