Ex-Grad Student’s Chilling Confession in Professor’s Murder Case

Murad Dervish, a 47-year-old former graduate student at the University of Arizona, is facing charges for the murder of Professor Thomas Meixner. Recently released video footage reveals Dervish’s chilling self-confession, made after police left the room during his interrogation. Dervish was recorded saying, “Well, at least I fulfilled my mission,” accompanied by what seemed to be a sinister smile.

The alleged confession came after Dervish was read his Miranda rights, making it likely that the statement will be used in court to demonstrate premeditation. Dervish is accused of the murder of Professor Meixner, 52, on October 5, 2022. Meixner was the head of the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences at the university.

The incident took place on the Tucson campus, from which Dervish had been expelled and banned. Surveillance footage from the day of the shooting shows several individuals in the John W. Harshbarger building fleeing or seeking cover moments after Meixner was shot.

Police were already en route to the building, having been called to remove Dervish, who was not allowed on campus. However, Dervish had managed to escape and was allegedly attempting to flee to Mexico. He was apprehended in Gila Bend, over 100 miles away from the university.

During the interrogation, Dervish was reticent to engage with the police and appeared somewhat aloof. At one point, an officer informed him of the substantial evidence they had against him. Dervish responded, “Well, it’s a shame we can’t talk. We seem like we have a lot in common. Going to U of A, living in San Diego.”

The officer then informed Dervish about the firearm they had discovered in his vehicle. Dervish responded by telling the officers that they would hear his side of the story in court. Dervish is set to undergo a mental health evaluation in August, as part of a defense strategy to declare him mentally insane before the trial begins in September.