Ex-Army Doctor Assaults Wife, Duct Tapes Her in Basement

A former military physician, Drew Steiner, 61, was handed a 30-year prison sentence on Friday for assaulting his wife and restraining her with duct tape to a pole in their basement, according to the Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney in Virginia. The incident occurred in September 2020, roughly a month after Steiner had sexually assaulted and unlawfully filmed a woman he had met on the internet. He is currently serving a 10-year sentence for that crime.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano stated that Steiner’s sentencing marks the conclusion of a distressing series of events that unfolded in late 2020. He added that while Steiner is already serving a 10-year sentence for a separate case, this additional sentence reassures the community that he no longer poses a threat.

Steiner was found guilty in a jury trial in October 2023 of abduction with intent to defile, malicious wounding, and attempted rape. Prior to his criminal activities, Steiner had served in the Army and later worked as a civilian at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, according to a hospital representative.

During Steiner’s trial, his wife testified that he had recently recovered from COVID-19 at the time of the incident. She stated that he requested to leave quarantine and join her in their bedroom, where he subsequently pinned her to the bed. Despite her pleas for him to stop, citing difficulty breathing, he continued his assault.

She attempted to defend herself with a sandal, but he later used it to repeatedly strike her head. When she tried to use an aerosol can in self-defense, he threatened to shatter her face. The assault ended with Steiner binding her with duct tape in the basement, turning off the lights, and leaving. This provided her with the chance to escape and seek help from a neighbor.

Carmella Dillman, the neighbor, reported that she was awakened by loud knocking at her door. It was Steiner’s wife, who whispered through the door that her husband was trying to kill her, prompting Dillman to call the police. Dillman later expressed shock upon learning the full extent of the incident.