Elementary School Teacher Found Dead, 2nd Body Found in Nearby Water

A tragic incident unfolded in Washington state when a beloved elementary school teacher was found murdered in her home, and her husband, considered a person of interest in the case, is believed to have taken his own life. Caitlin Follstad, 41, a fifth-grade teacher at Island View Elementary, was discovered dead in her residence on J Avenue on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Anacortes Police Department.

The police were alerted by a 911 call, which indicated that Caitlin’s husband, Kevin Follstad, also 41, was potentially suicidal and heading towards the Deception Pass bridge. The Washington State Patrol later located his abandoned car on the bridge’s center island. Despite a thorough search involving police dogs, Kevin has not been found.

Earlier the same day, multiple law enforcement agencies responded to a report of a body found in the water near Deception Pass. The authorities are currently working to recover and identify the remains. Brent Lindquist, a representative from the Anacortes Police Department, expressed to local media that they believe the incidents are linked.

The couple’s children, who were not present during the murder, are now safe with their grandparents. The news has left the community in shock, with neighbors expressing their heartbreak over the children’s loss. Kurt Kobs, a neighbor, expressed his sorrow, stating the children will now have to grow up knowing their father killed their mother.

The Anacortes School District released a statement expressing their grief over the loss of Caitlin Follstad, who was a cherished member of the Island View Elementary community. The district praised her passion for education and her role as a teacher, mentor, and friend. Grief counselors have been made available to students and staff affected by the tragedy.

The police revealed that they had responded to a call for a mental health check for Kevin Follstad in March, but no action was taken as his behavior did not meet the criteria for involuntary treatment. He also declined to speak to medical professionals voluntarily. This incident marks the second homicide in the city of Anacortes, with a population of 17,637, in the last four decades.