Elderly Couple Found Deceased in Overheated Home With Heater Over 1,000 Degrees

In a tragic incident in South Carolina, an elderly couple was discovered deceased in their overheated home. The home’s heating system had reached an alarming temperature of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, initially leading firefighters to suspect a fire. The victims, identified as Joan Littlejohn, 84, and Glennwood Fowler, 82, were found on Saturday by a police officer and a paramedic after family members, unable to reach them for three days, requested a welfare check.

Upon arrival, the paramedic attempted to measure the body temperatures of Littlejohn and Fowler. The readings exceeded the device’s maximum measurable index, registering over 106 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly higher than the average adult body temperature of 98.6 degrees. Firefighters who arrived at the scene estimated the house’s temperature to be around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, even after the doors had been open to the cold air for 20 minutes.

The couple’s bodies were found to have reached temperatures exceeding 160 degrees. Firefighters then inspected the basement of the Spartanburg residence, where they found the furnace appearing to be on fire. The temperature of the furnace was measured at approximately 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit before it was shut down.

The couple had reported issues with their furnace and hot water heater earlier in the week. Family members had visited their home on Wednesday to address the problem, managing to reignite the pilot light on the heater. After their visit, there was no further contact with the couple.

The Spartanburg County coroner is currently conducting autopsies on Littlejohn and Fowler to ascertain the precise causes of their deaths. Firefighters also tested the home for carbon monoxide levels, which were found to be within normal limits. At this time, authorities do not suspect any foul play.