‘Doomsday’ glacier hanging by a thread, could forever alter coastlines worldwide

Thwaites “doomsday” Glacier disintegrating faster than thought – The Washington Post

Thwaites Glacier, which can push the sea level up several feet, is being eroded away at its submerged base as Earth heats up, and scientists expect it to recede rapidly over the next few years.

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet, which holds enough ice to raise the sea level up to 16 feet, is under close scrutiny for rapid melt.

Researchers have been concerned about Thwaites glacier for decades, because warmer ocean currents can melt the glacier from underneath, destabilizing it from the bottom.

Researchers have documented Thwaitess rapid retreat with a disturbing set of studies, including satellite data showing ground lines were retreating at about 0.6 miles (1 km) a year. In 2020, they found evidence that warmer water was actually flowing over the base of the glacier, melting it from below.

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