Disturbing message led sheriff to crime

Sheriff Joe Lopinto of Louisiana reported receiving a disturbing message from Tim Ragas on Thursday morning, Feb 10. When they reached his residence, the officers found all four members of the Ragas family – Tim, Joanna, Eric Thorneblom and Timothy – dead.

In the message, Ragas had said, “We can’t continue to live like this”, and added, “You’ll find four bodies when you get here.” According to the Sheriff, a note and weapons were found at the site, which suggests a possible murder-suicide.

Sheriff Lopinto also said that Tim Ragas was once a law enforcement officer, but refused to give details. The family members of the deceased said that financial problems, depression and medical issues had driven them to take such an extreme measure.

The Sheriff concluded by saying, “It looks like financial problems and stuff have left a destitute situation, and they took it into their own hands, unfortunately, this morning.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses.