Dippin’ Dots former CEO arrested, found naked after alleged assault

Scott Fischer, 43, the former CEO of the ice cream snack company Dippin’ Dots, was arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and coming into contact with the police while being naked and under the influence of alcohol.

According to law enforcement in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, Fischer had been drinking heavily for several weeks before returning home from work on Tuesday. A disagreement over his drinking ensued and Fischer eventually undressed and went to bed.

However, the argument started up again around 11:45 p.m. and Fischer allegedly grabbed his girlfriend’s shirt and choked her. He then threw her over the couch and started to punch her chest. The girlfriend was able to escape and call 911, but Fischer took the phone away.

When police arrived, Fischer was standing without clothes and had a blank expression on his face. He was also unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol.

He was charged with domestic violence by strangulation, public intoxication, interfering with an emergency call, and indecent exposure. Fischer has been accused of drunk driving and of leading an effort to humiliate and blackmail his ex-girlfriend in the past.

He allegedly sent nude photos of her to her mother and others without consent and threatened to send them to her employer.