Delta Flight Diverted Due to Bad Food

A Delta Airlines flight en route from Detroit to Amsterdam was compelled to execute an emergency landing at New York’s JFK airport in the early hours of Wednesday. The unexpected diversion was necessitated due to passengers falling ill after consuming spoiled in-flight meals. The airline’s spokesperson confirmed the incident, stating that a portion of the Main Cabin’s meal service was indeed spoiled.

The flight in question, Delta Flight 136, had 277 passengers on board. It remains unclear how many of these passengers consumed the tainted food and how many fell ill as a result. Upon landing at JFK, emergency medical responders attended to 12 passengers, as reported by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY).

The airline’s spokesperson expressed regret over the incident, stating, “This is not the service Delta is known for and we sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and delay in their travels.” The airline’s response to the incident was swift, with flight attendants contacting medical experts on the ground and the decision to divert the plane to JFK being made promptly.

During the layover, a passenger reached out to the airline via Twitter, seeking an update on their travel plans. The airline responded, stating that it would provide updates via private messages. The passenger’s tweet read, “I need to know how you’re going to get me to Amsterdam today.”

The passenger further expressed their frustration, stating, “I’m on the plane that’s emergency landing at JFK because you served passengers ‘contaminated’ food – I don’t need hotel/food vouchers I need to arrive in Amsterdam today.”

The incident has raised concerns about the quality of in-flight meals and the potential health risks they pose to passengers. It also underscores the importance of swift and effective communication from airlines in such situations, to reassure passengers and manage their expectations.