Deadly shooting at Tesla charging station after argument

On Wednesday, a man was killed after an altercation between him and a driver in the parking lot of the Edgewater Public Market near a Shake Shack restaurant in Denver. Sergeant Bob Brink of the Edgewater Police reported that the 33-year-old victim, who was armed, had approached the shooter’s vehicle first. According to witnesses, the shooter had maced the victim before calling 911 and then firing shots.

Previously, it had been speculated that the incident was related to a disagreement over a spot at the charging station, however after speaking to witnesses police determined that was likely not the case. It appears one of the parties owned their car, and the other was renting. Witnesses at the charging location, an area frequented by Tesla owners, were questioned by investigators.

The 38-year-old shooter has been detained by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, with spokesperson Jenny Fulton stating that the shooting is being investigated as a homicide. Two shots were fired, with one striking the victim. Police did not say whether both individuals had fired, nor did they confirm if the shooter was a Tesla driver. A reporter on the scene reported that police were trying to determine if any nearby Teslas had dashcam footage of the incident. Evidence of the incident included a red sweater on the ground that was believed to belong to the victim, as well as a firearm.