Couple Discovers They’ve Been Drinking Toilet Water for Six Months

A Beijing couple was shocked to discover they had been consuming toilet water for half a year after moving into their new apartment. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous and will be referred to as Mr. Tan, and his girlfriend started experiencing unusual health problems shortly after settling into their new home in May. Both developed a persistent cough, and Tan reported hair loss and acne.

The couple’s suspicions were aroused when Tan noticed he hadn’t received a water bill in six months, despite the apartment, which cost $1,400 per month, continuing to have a water supply. He conducted some tests on their water meters and found discrepancies. The meter reading didn’t increase when they used water in the apartment, which was unusual.

Deciding to seek professional help, the couple called in a plumber. The plumber’s investigation led to a shocking revelation – an unnoticed extra pipe was connecting the toilet and tap water pipes. For six months, all the water in the apartment, used for drinking, bathing, and cooking, had been toilet water.

The plumber was able to fix the problem immediately, but the couple had already suffered health and well-being issues for half a year due to the contaminated water. Tan is now seeking compensation from the rental company. The company, which remains unnamed, argued that some tenants chose to get their water from a nearby well.

The rental company maintained that the well water had passed quality tests as recently as March. However, this water is reportedly only meant for flushing toilets and watering plants. Tan argued that he and his girlfriend were not informed of this arrangement before they moved in. Negotiations between Tan and the rental company are ongoing.