Comedian and TV Star Martin Mull Dead at 80

Renowned comedian and television actor Martin Mull has died at the age of 80, as confirmed by his daughter, Maggie Mull, through a heartfelt Instagram post. The announcement of his passing was made on Friday, June 28.

Maggie Mull shared that her father had been bravely battling a prolonged illness until his final moments. She painted a picture of him as a multi-faceted talent, known for his significant contributions to television and commercials, and his ability to excel in a variety of creative pursuits.

Mull’s illustrious career saw him portraying characters in a number of popular television series, including Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Roseanne, Two and a Half Men, Arrested Development, The Ranch, and The Cool Kids. His performance in Veep earned him an Emmy nomination for a guest role in 2016. His film credits include memorable roles in iconic films such as Clue, Far Out Man, and Mrs. Doubtfire.

Tributes have been flooding social media platforms from fans and fellow celebrities alike. Actress Jennifer Tilly expressed her sorrow over Mull’s passing, reminiscing about their collaboration on the film Rented Lips. Mull not only starred in the film but also wrote it. Tilly lauded him as a witty, charismatic, and kind individual, acknowledging the significant impact he had on her early acting career.

Martin Mull’s legacy is vast, spanning multiple creative domains and leaving a profound impact on the world of comedy and entertainment. His contributions to television, music, and film have left an indelible mark and will be cherished by fans and fellow artists for years to come.