Child’s Refusal to Obey Delays Flight

A recent incident involving a ten-year-old boy on a Latam flight in Colombia has sparked a flurry of online discussion. The young passenger was removed from the plane after refusing to fasten his seatbelt, despite repeated requests from the flight crew and his own parent. The incident, which caused a significant delay, was captured on video by a fellow passenger and has since gone viral.

The flight was forced to leave the runway and return to the gate due to the child’s non-compliance. The situation escalated over an hour before security personnel arrived to escort the boy and his father off the plane. The video of the incident has turned the young boy into an unexpected social media sensation.

The flight attendant can be heard in the video explaining the situation to the passengers. She stated that the flight could not commence until all passengers complied with the regulations. The passengers who did not comply were then asked to disembark.

The incident sparked a strong reaction from the other passengers, many of whom criticized the father for failing to control his child. Some passengers could be heard shouting at the father to leave the plane. However, not everyone was critical of the boy. One woman defended him, stating that he was a child and had rights.

This incident is a stark reminder of the increasing instances of unruly behavior on flights. In April, a passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight was asked to leave the plane after she began growling and snapping her teeth at other passengers. Last month, a fight broke out on an Eva Air flight from Taiwan to the United States after a passenger became upset about his seatmate’s coughing.

Flight attendants have also voiced their frustrations about passenger behavior. Their list of grievances is long and includes everything from unwanted touching to unnecessary use of the call button.