Bloody Glove Leads to Murder Arrest

A Pennsylvania man, aged 43, was apprehended this week, accused of murdering his wife and mother-in-law. The police were able to connect him to the fatal stabbings through a blood-stained glove found at the crime scene. The suspect, Leandro Barberena, is now in custody, facing two murder charges for the deaths of Alma Barberena, 58, and her mother, Angela Trejo, 75, as announced by the authorities.

The Philadelphia Police Department reported that officers responded to a call at a residence on the 6000 block of Bingham Street around 1:30 p.m., where they found two unresponsive women. During a news conference on Thursday afternoon, Staff Inspector Ernest Ransom of the Philadelphia Police Homicide Unit confirmed that it was Leandro Barberena who made the initial 911 call, reporting two bodies in the house, both “covered in blood.”

Upon arrival, first responders found two female victims, later identified as Alma Barberena and her mother, in the basement of the house. Both women were drenched in blood and appeared to have suffered multiple stab wounds all over their bodies. Medical personnel at the scene declared both women dead around 1:45 p.m. that day.

The police highlighted that a bloody glove found at the scene quickly became a crucial piece of evidence. “We also discovered at the crime scene, one glove covered with blood,” Ransom stated. “A search warrant was executed on Mr. Barberena’s vehicle, and we located a matching glove.”

Authorities also pointed out that Leandro Barberena had injuries on his hands that seemed to be defensive wounds. He explained to the authorities that the injuries were from recent tile work.

According to Ransom, investigators believe that Alma Berberena had gone to her parents’ house to assist them with a telehealth appointment for her father. It is alleged that Leandro Barberena followed his wife to his in-laws’ house and fatally stabbed the two women. Approximately two hours after the alleged attack, Leandro Barberena made the call to the police.

The authorities have not speculated on a possible motive for the murders, and the police noted that they had not previously responded to any domestic dispute calls at the couple’s residence. The news of the alleged incident shocked the community. “They were excellent neighbors, and it’s hard to believe,” Jack Burkhardt, a neighbor of the couple, told a local Philadelphia ABC affiliate.