Beloved 42-Year-Old News Anchor Found Dead

The tragic death of Emily Matson, a 42-year-old local TV news anchor from northwestern Pennsylvania, has been confirmed as a suicide, according to official reports released on Tuesday. Matson’s life was tragically cut short when she was struck by a train in Fairview Township, her place of residence, as reported by Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook. Cook stated that the evidence pointing to suicide was irrefutable.

Matson’s untimely death has left her colleagues at Erie News Now, where she had worked for 19 years, in a state of shock and mourning. Paul Wagner, a retired reporter from the same station, remembered Matson as an incredibly positive and encouraging individual. He described her as always being ready with a joke to lighten the mood and constantly encouraging newcomers in the newsroom.

Matson began her career at WICU-TV in 2004, shortly after graduating from college. She initially worked as an overnight producer, as stated in her online biography. She later transitioned into a general assignment reporter role, focusing on crime reporting, all while maintaining her cheerful demeanor. Lisa Adams, a fellow reporter and anchor at Erie News Now, described Matson as fearless and unfiltered, qualities that made her an invaluable member of their news team.

Adams further elaborated on Matson’s high expectations of herself and others in the newsroom. She was not only stunningly beautiful but also unapologetically herself. Jamison Hixenbaugh, another reporter, recalled Matson’s mentorship to inexperienced journalists, always delivered with a good sense of humor.

Matson was known for her excellent rapport with local sources, including Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny. He remembered her as a regular at the police station, always maintaining an upbeat attitude, regardless of the nature of the news that day. Matson’s career also took her to Guam and the US Virgin Islands, where she anchored and produced newscasts.

In her professional biography, Matson expressed her love for her job and the Erie community. She felt that she was making a significant difference by telling stories that impacted everyone daily. She cherished the diversity of her job, with each day bringing something new.

Funeral arrangements for Matson are scheduled for Friday and Saturday in Millcreek Township. The services are expected to be attended by many whose lives were touched by the television personality. Wagner remembered Matson as a positive influence who could lighten the mood even on the toughest days.