Several Gunmen Take TV Station Hostage During Live Broadcast

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador – A television studio in Guayaquil fell victim to an armed militia during a live broadcast, plunging the staff into a terrifying situation and shocking viewers who watched the events unfold on live television.

The armed assailants, wielding shotguns, pistols, and homemade bombs, invaded the TC television station, taking control of the premises. The program’s host was held hostage at gunpoint by the masked attackers, who proceeded to make threats and display their explosives. Gunshots in the background intensified the ordeal, before the live feed was abruptly disconnected.

Journalists from the interrupted news program, El noticiero, sent desperate messages for help, as reported by El Universo.

The situation prompted an immediate response from the police, who swiftly surrounded the building in Guayaquil. Some of the attackers attempted to elude capture within the premises, but were eventually seized by the authorities. Photos circulating on social media depicted the suspects lying on the floor with their hands restrained behind their backs.

Though the motive behind the attack remains unknown, it occurred following President Daniel Noboa’s declaration of a state of emergency in response to a string of explosions and the abduction of several police officers. It has also been reported that armed groups have infiltrated other locations in Guayaquil, including Maldonado Hospital and the University of Guayaquil.

Authorities, including the Ecuador Police, have since confirmed that all hostages have been released.