Alleged cyber-bullies banned from school hockey league after teen kills herself

A report alleges that three Florida cyber-bullies relentlessly bullied a teammate, who then committed suicide. They have been suspended from their hockey league, according to the report.

Cheryl Brown told Dr. Phil this week that her daughter McKenna Brown, 16, took her own life after she started talking to one of her friends’ former boyfriends – which prompted the ex-boyfriend and some other girls to taunt and harass her.

As a result of their alleged bullying, the unidentified girls have been suspended from a Florida hockey league, the Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

A star athlete, Brown wanted to play women’s hockey at the University of South Florida. When she killed herself on Aug. 7, she had one day left before starting her last year at Tarpon Springs’ East Lake High School.

Her mother told Dr. Phil that her daughter left a thoughtful letter in which none of these people were singled out. “…I knew it had something to do with these girls.”

Brown said that she and her husband developed a theory about what led McKenna to commit suicide.

In order to humiliate and embarrass McKenna, the alleged bullies allegedly leak personal information about her, including that she had been raped at 14.

According to Fox 13, one of the girls messaged McKenna: ‘You have done all of us so wrong’ and ‘I hope I never see you again.’ 

It was also reported that she received long messages and was bombarded by other girls, one of the messages reportedly saying that they wanted to “leave her without a single friend.”.

On social media, the girls suggested that others “cancel” McKenna’s.  

There is even talk that the worst bullies even attended McKenna’s funeral, according to her mother, whose opinion is that the aggressor is “unremorseful” for her actions.