90-Year-Old Uses Acupuncture Needles to Paralyze Woman and Sexually Assault Her

A nonagenarian holistic health practitioner in North Carolina is facing serious charges related to sexual assault. Shi-Ying Kuai, 90, is accused of using his acupuncture needles to temporarily paralyze a patient, leading to his arrest on September 26. The Asheville Police Department has charged him with one count each of second-degree forced sex offense and sexual battery.

The alleged assault occurred in August at Kuai’s home-based acupuncture clinic on Arlington Street. However, specific details about the case remain scarce. Both the alleged victim, River Lajoice, and a detective from the Asheville Police Department have provided some information to local media outlets.

Detective Jonathan McCain underscored that perpetrators can come in any form. He commended the bravery of the survivor, whose cooperation significantly sped up the investigation process. Lajoice, a client of Kuai’s for approximately four years, courageously shared her story on camera, breaking the often-observed silence in sex crime cases.

She detailed the terrifying experience of her last session with Kuai, during which she was allegedly assaulted while partially paralyzed due to the placement of the acupuncture needles. The 28-year-old survivor described her unsuccessful attempts to halt the assault and her shock at the betrayal by a man she had trusted and recommended to friends over the years. She compared Kuai to a grandfather figure and expressed her determination to warn others about him.

Following his arrest, Kuai was detained at the Buncombe County Detention Facility with a $100,000 secured bond. As of September 28, jail records no longer show an entry for Kuai.

The Asheville Police Department is urging anyone with information related to similar incidents to come forward. They also collaborate with the Buncombe County Family Justice Center to provide support to victims of sexual offenses.