5-Year-Old Boy Murdered Over Snacks in Bed

In a startling revelation, an Ohio woman has admitted to the murder of a 5-year-old boy, whose body was found in a manhole. The woman, Pammy Maye, reportedly became enraged when she discovered the child sneaking candy into his bed. The confession was captured on body camera footage worn by law enforcement officers during their investigation.

Maye, 48, appeared remorseful as she detailed the events leading up to the tragic incident. She and her husband were the legal guardians of the young victim, Darnell Taylor. The body camera footage, recorded on February 16th, provides a chilling account of the crime.

The case began when Maye’s husband reported both his wife and Darnell missing under suspicious circumstances. An Amber Alert was issued by Ohio authorities, fearing for the child’s safety. The husband reported that Maye had made alarming statements suggesting that Darnell had been harmed. Maye abruptly left their home in a 2015 Jeep Cherokee, which was later discovered in Brooklyn, Ohio. However, both Maye and Darnell were still missing.

Maye was later found in a distressed state at a business in the Cleveland suburb of Brooklyn. An employee, concerned by her disheveled appearance, called 911. Maye, barefoot and desperate, asked the employee to contact her husband. This led to her hospitalization and subsequent questioning by law enforcement officials. The body camera footage captured her confession to the horrifying crime.

Maye revealed that her anger over Darnell’s candy sneaking had driven her to commit the crime. She admitted that she had planned the murder and, after suffocating the young boy, dumped his body into a manhole. Investigators were able to locate Darnell’s remains in a sewage drain in Franklin County on the same day.

Maye is now facing charges of murder, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence. Despite her not guilty plea, her defense is considering an insanity plea. Her attorney, Sam Shamansky, stated, “We don’t consider her post-arrest comments as dispositive of her mental state at the time of the offense.”

The shocking incident has left the community reeling, with many questioning how such a horrific act could happen. As the investigation continues, the focus remains on seeking justice for the innocent life tragically lost.