5-year-old boy falls off water slide at amusement park

On Tuesday, a five-year-old boy sustained injuries after falling off a water slide at a Georgia amusement park. According to a park spokesperson, the child was riding in a double tube at the Lake Winnepesaukah amusement park, which is located near the Georgia-Tennessee border. John Pless, a spokesman for Catoosa County, reported that the boy fell 15 to 20 feet from the slide. A witness, Ginger Bence, said she heard several employees blow whistles, which she assumed was part of a safety protocol when someone is hurt.

The child was treated at the scene and taken to the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The condition and extent of his injuries are currently unknown. The Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire also responded to the incident and an inspector is currently on the scene. The agency has yet to release a final report, but anticipates doing so in the next few days.

The amusement park reported that the Twist-N-Shout water ride, including the rider tubes, the ride foundation, and signage were all inspected by state inspectors and the ride has since been reopened. The park stated that it takes pride in providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere.