2 dead bodies found in storage unit

The bodies of Schukin and Vekshin were found in two large rubber bins at a Storage facility in Brighton, Massachusetts, stirring up deep sorrow and anxiety among their friends and co-workers who had filed a missing persons report several days after the crime had been committed.

Police located the bodies after a five-day search on April 14th. Autopsy reports showed the victims had died from multiple stab wounds and Schukin’s body had been dismembered. When investigators looked into the storage unit, they discovered discarded items such as rubber gloves and bleach.

It appears that this tragedy was motivated by a prior disagreement between Schukin and Volkov. The two had recently been living together in a Medford apartment, and Schukin had served as Volkov’s guarantor on the lease. However, Volkov was not keeping up with payments, so when the lease was due for an extension, Schukin refused to renew it, resulting in Volkov and his family being evicted.

Surveillance footage also shows Volkov entering and exiting the victims’ building multiple times in the days following their disappearance, and he was later seen renting a U-Haul from a storage unit business, presumably to hide the corpses.

Volkov is currently facing a murder charge and is being held without bail until his hearing on May 19. The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and the Medford Police Department are still investigating the matter, retaining evidence from the storage unit and hoping to bring justice to the victims and clarity to the situation.