10 Bodies Found Scattered Around Resort Town

In a shocking incident, ten bodies were discovered in a heap in Acapulco, a popular resort city on Mexico’s Pacific coast, according to the prosecutors in the southern state of Guerrero. Six of the victims, four men and two women, were found in a single location, strangled with their hands bound behind their backs on a street late Monday. The identities of the victims and the motive behind the gruesome act are still under investigation.

This incident is the latest in a series of violent acts that have plagued Acapulco, a city still grappling with the aftermath of Hurricane Otis, a Category 5 storm that struck in October. The hurricane left a trail of destruction, claiming at least 52 lives and causing extensive damage to most hotels in the area.

Just last week, Acapulco was the scene of another horrifying discovery when five dismembered bodies were found strewn across a street. Among the victims was a candidate for a town council seat in the nearby town of Coyuca de Benítez.

The city’s troubles are not limited to these recent incidents. In May, the head of traffic police in Acapulco was gunned down. Earlier in February, two men were found strangled on the popular Condesa beach in Acapulco. According to the prosecutors, the bodies bore signs of “torture by ligature” with visible signs of torture around the neck.

These incidents are indicative of the brutal methods employed by Mexican drug gangs, who often resort to asphyxiation to kill their victims. This is typically done by strangling them or suffocating them using duct tape or plastic bags.

The escalating violence in Acapulco, once a thriving tourist destination, is a cause for concern. The city’s struggle to recover from the hurricane, coupled with the ongoing investigation into these brutal killings, paints a grim picture of the challenges it faces.